July 24, 2024

Paradox Interactive has unveiled The Machine Age, the subsequent main growth for its space-faring 4X technique recreation Stellaris, which can deal with “cybernetic, artificial, and machine themes” when it launches for PC within the second quarter of 2024.

“Scientists have found superior means to commune with the machine, enabling life to beat the organic limitations of minds and flesh,” explains Paradox. “The Machine Age begins a time of technical glory, however raises new moral and social dilemmas. With these occasions of unleashed ambition, new threats will emerge, questioning the actual which means of life itself.”

And with that little bit of scene-setting out the way in which, Paradox will get onto a few of The Machine Age’s new options, which embody a brand new Endgame Disaster, based mostly across the return of an historic artificial menace, alongside a brand new Disaster Path centered on technological ascendancy at any value.

Cover image for YouTube videoWelcome to the Machine Age! | Stellaris DLC Announcement

Stellaris’s The Machine Age announcement trailer.

Each these arrive alongside the introduction of non-Gestalt, individualist machine empires, which might have particular person personalities, and produce new tales and origins. Paradox can be promising three new Machine Ascension Paths for additional customisation.

Elsewhere, The Machine Age introduces three new origins: there’s Cybernetic Creed, if you would like an empire that worships the holy fusion of the physique and cybernetics; Artificial Fertility, for an empire left unable to breed biologically following a novel genetic illness, and Arc Welders, a robotic society starved of area that turns to the celebrities for assets.

Moreover, The Machine Age consists of new reactive portraits, six new Civics – Guided Sapience, Pure Design, Obsessional Directive, Protocol Droids, Tactical Cogitators, and Augmentation Bazaars (this one requires the Megacorp growth) – new inhabitants traits, and two new mid-game constructions: the molten Arc Furnace and highly effective Dyson Swarm. Oh, and it options seven synth-y new music tracks too.

Stellaris’ The Machine Age growth can be accompanied by the free Andromeda replace when it arrives on PC someday in Q2 this 12 months.